Jokey Jingles

November 5, 2009

Uncle Monsterface has released a magical CD of covers called “Jokey Jingles”

It can cure the swine flu.

Jokey Jingles

Includes songs by Madonna, Oingo Boingo, Britney Spears and more!

(If you can keep a secret, click here:


Bright Star

October 11, 2009

British period piece romance that moved too slow.  It lacked a parade scene, it could have probably even used a car chase scene.  About as good as a game of pickup Frisbee, maybe a little worse.


iji/watercolor paintings split 7″

August 30, 2009

It’s amazing that a split can also be such a harmonious union.

iji/watercolor paintings split 7"

Preview Here

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince-movie

August 3, 2009

Harry Potter is a wizard! Magic is cool.


(not spot on w/ the book.  Still good)

Factors of Four – Grow On Me

June 30, 2009

Factors of Four created “Grow On Me”

It’s music.

You know, music?

Check it  yourself if you’re dubious

It’s free.

It could be whales.

Grow on Me

(I was there.  Sorry about the poor quality)

(I was there. Sorry about the poor quality)

Transformers 2

June 25, 2009

Not my thing.  Too many humping dogs. Also too much skanky decepticon tongue.  I can’t say that is had no entertainment value; I can say the volume was up too high for a 2 hour nap.


What I Say Isn’t What I Mean

June 13, 2009

What I Say Isn’t What I Mean- Andrew Mello

Mr. Mello proves to be  far more mellow than the color yellow,  in a good way.

Andrew Mello

Cover art by Nick Shively, he is cool too. (tuggboat)

Hey look, it’s free! Download


May 31, 2009

UP, a Disney Pixar full length film.

If I had a heart, I would have cried the whole time, but it was a happy feel good movie. 


Go see it, now!



Partly Cloudy-Pixar short

Love it.

Partly Cloudy

Don’t Worry!

May 26, 2009

Math The Band- Don’t Worry 

Perfect listening material for hanging out, not getting haircuts, and covering your dorm room in cardboard. 

Math The Band- Don't Worry

Go Buy It: Slanty Shanty Records

New Site, Same Old Stuff

May 16, 2009

Hello People.  

I write unhelpful reviews of a various sundry of things.  Enjoy, or don’t.

I have been writing reviews of books, movies, and CDs lately.  I used to do it on a different site.  From this point on though, I will do it here.  I am going to move some of my old reviews over to this site.  They will all be uploaded on the same day, but they weren’t all written on the same day.